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Treating Hair Loss From Smoking

Smoking is known to be one of the deadliest habits to adopt. Studies have shown that smoking tobacco is the biggest cause of death and diseases that can actually be prevented in the United States alone – click for more about such statistics. This is evident in the amount of deaths that find its roots in excessive tobacco smoking. But despite the very rampant and ubiquitous effects of smoking that have proven deadly to humans, so many of us have struggled with actually letting go of the addicting habit. But this does not mean that they do not have the desire to quit. The desire to quit combined with the struggle in doing so has birthed a lot of products that are nicotine replacements, such as eCigarettes. These eCigarettes are the best options for the people who want to become free from the habit with the help of this tobacco-free product that has been trending in the market. This then leads us to the common inquiry of whether eCigs are entirely safe. Do eCigs have the same harmful effects as tobacco cigarettes that actually encourage hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by a lot of possible reasons some of which are ones inherited genes, the stress you experience, as well as the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. Each of these are responsible for negatively impacting the hair follicle which is the foundation of healthy hair growth. They shut down the hair follicles and cause miniaturization which makes the hair undergo thinning and eventually stop growing. But most people are not aware of the fact that those who are constantly consuming nicotine actually are exposed to the same danger. What happens after one consumes nicotine is that they will experience blood flow reduction because of the blood vessels getting constricted. As the scalp becomes affected by the lowered flow of blood, the growth of hair is then consequently restrained. You see, ample blood flow is important as oxygen, nutrients, and other factors are brought along with it for the hair to continue in a healthy cycle. This is why you commonly hear people who smoke tobacco complaining, “My hair falls out easily.”

This is now the point where we address the question that everyone is dying to know the answer to: do eCigs cause hair loss?

Well, researchers have found the composition of eCigs to affect the body in the same manner as usual cigarettes and tobacco chewing. So where do we go from here? Turn away from smoking and turn to Capillus for help in getting your hair to its former glory. Capillus is an amazing company that makes nicotine hair loss reversible. You can see more here of all that Capillus can do for your hair, including reactivating dormant hair follicles. So for details about Capillus and their products, view here for more.

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