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Bible Verses in Great Full Meaning

Jesus wept as the most concise Bible verse. The death of Lazarus made her sister weep and Jesus wept together with them. Verses in bible and hidden messages in them. Jesus wept because he knew that the same tomb will be a place of his rest soon than those who were moaning Lazarus death could not expect.

Jesus knew the same place of death was awaiting and it was also disturbing to him. The nature of the field where Jesus stood was in tears of moaning Martha that his tears broke down. He moaned with those who could be crying, enjoy with those who had joy and take burdens of those who could be burdened.

The next bible verse I would like to discuss about is that of Jesus death on the cross, and his words to Heavenly Father about him and the world. Our heavenly Fathers will happen always according to this bible verse. His Fathers will be to take save the world by giving His son to die on the cross for the sin of the world. This verse shows God was doing what was heavenly planed. The payment of sin with product is the best weapon against your enemy according to lesson from verses learnt from the death if Jesus. The lesson was to show how heavenly experience is different from this world life. The book of Mathew 27 explains much about the poems with details above.

Lets get to verses about resurrection of Christ and for us too. This verses explain the body in paradise that will be of everlasting period. This is the body that is valued in the next life that every believer will be enjoying in paradise. This is one of the most great message delivered by Christ from heaven. He promised to those who witnessed his resurrection that he is rising to go in His Father’s place to prepare a place for all believers.He promised a home to every person who will follow his commands after believing in Him. This Verses are found in chapters of the Mathew 28 booklet. The same message is also found in the book of Mark in chapter 16 in the deeper word of various verses.

The last verse of our discussion is that of the work of darkness. The verse says that devil comes to still, destroy and kill. The life of evil ones will be stilling ,distracting and destroying after use in their own benefits. He bride the society with counterfeits as a trap of maneuvered benefits of the world. He will always show human easy ways of getting what they can ‘not manage before he destroy them. The pain of losing what does not belong to him but it is all his leads to death. The book of John 10 will explain in deep about this devils work of darkness. Do not trap in darkness of evil.

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